Baking Pans

The darker the pan the faster it cooks.  Glass also cooks quickly, with the quicker cooking your baked goods tend to overcook or get brown bottoms and edges.  Generally when you use a dark or glass pan you should drop the temperature by 25°F

For baking evenly with even color go for light aluminum pans will give you a nice color and cooking without brown edges.  I am a fan of the Nordicware or Fat Daddy bakeware for cakes, cookies, quick-breads, or yeast breads where you don’t want a thick dark crust.  The cakes don’t dome up, which means a lot less waste when leveling the cakes out for layering.  Also, the cookies cook evenly without darker edges and a nice consistent color.

However! in regards to cupcakes or muffins where you want that dome effect I would and do suggest going with a dark colored pan.  It will heat up faster and rise higher giving you a lovely dome shape.


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  1. Thanks for the great information about the different pans. I love to bake and never can understand why they never come out the same. I know now it all depends on the pans and this makes me want to shop for new pans. Now maybe my cookies and cakes will come out better!!

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