DIY $30 Ego Light/Tabletop Softbox

In the last year my husband has taken a deep interest in photography, now add my cooking/baking interest into that he’s now becoming more into food photography. One thing that can make or break anyone treading into the deep sea that is food photography is lighting. In the early stages of my blog, the iPhone was all we had, but now we are finally on a roll. Since getting into food blogging one thing that me and my husband agreed on was the quality of pictures, we eat with our eyes, more so online. Since this DIY light box was made, in May, you can see the quality of photo’s improve and grow as we both grow and learn.

What made the photo’s finally take off in the way of quality, is making the light box. Those days when we need the extra light but don’t have the space in our tiny garden level uptown apartment, or the finical means to spend on an elaborate one, this was our best option. I had found a few websites that had DIY Ego Lights, but after some consideration and sketching ideas out. My husband came out with his own version for just under $30. I was waiting for him to create the DIY post for his own blog site, so I could share with my readers and fellow food bloggers.

Please, read over his post, it is very well executed in the way of a step by step process, and the materials needed with example pictures. We hope it is helpful for those looking to take their blog photo’s one step further at home. We hope you find it helpful.