French Fraisier, Daring Bakers July Challenge

First off, I am sorry that my posts have been so far and in-between. I have not neglected you my dedicated and very loved peeps! The heat index here has been near and over 120°F so the last thing I have been wanting to do is cook or bake. Also, this month just flew by and before I knew it my phone was beeping at me telling me that the Daring Bakers challenge was due in a few days and I lucked out with this weekend off of work, so I set to it.

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Nutella Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

So, what is the one of the best thing about working again? Playing cupcake fairy on birthdays! This week a girl at work turned 18 and I asked her what flavor(s) she wanted for her birthday cupcakes. She said chocolate with chocolate, maybe cream cheese, oh and nutella is awesome. As most of you know nutella baked loses a lot of the flavor and really it’s just cocoa and cream, but insanely addictive. Over all these cupcakes turned out really good, and if you like red velvet then you will really like these. The texture is similar and the flavors are too. I am quite proud of these and very pleased with the results. However, given that it’s 90 out and very sticky humid I did enjoy making these, but I am about to try out some steamed pudding recipes, turning the oven on in this heat is just becoming torturous. I am already looking forward to the snow.

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Quick and Dirty Chicken Curry

See my friends and fellow bloggers, I can make more than desserts! I made curry, and not just any but a fantastically bastardized chicken curry. But, wait your thinking… what do you mean bastardized? I have always wanted to make my own curry problem is.. I have never made a curry other then a potato one years and years ago.

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German Chocolate Cupcakes

EDIT: This pre-posted a few days early, originally and without a photo, that we were going to take, but unfortunately… we ate all the cupcakes before taking a good picture so despite my husbands very strong objections, I am using the photo off my iPhone, I am very sorry for the bad photo, forgive me? I really wanted to post this recipe because it was just fantastic! And the proof? We ate the cupcakes before we could take a photo, that’s how good they were!

I have the honor of making the cupcakes/cakes for my good friends boyfriends birthday. She has mentioned before that he likes German Chocolate Cake, so I knew that I had to make it for his birthday cake. Being that this even was going to be in her apartment I wanted to limit the amount of cleaning up she may have to do. Rather then making a big cake that would require plates and forks I went with cupcakes, and then a small 6″ layered version for the birthday boy.

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