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©martyne robles photography

©martyne robles photography

I am a happily married to my husband of 5 months as of April 17th 2011, we live in the twin cities aka Minneapolis/St.Paul area.  I moved here to be with my now husband in 2001 from the grand and beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I love to bake it is my weakness, next to my xbox360.  My favorite meal is a baguette, dried sausage, and cheese.  Ideally while sitting by the lake with my husband.    My favorite dessert is apple crumble, it reminds me of growing up.    I get asked from friends and family these questions, so I figured I would share the answers with you.

Why blog?
Questions go through my mind when asked this.  It has come out in conversations why I started this blog, that in the grand scheme of blogging is not a unique idea. My first instinct is to tell the naysayer to go play in traffic and f-off. The answer is something that isn’t easy, but it is. I wake with a desire for baking like some people wake with the desire to write, act, play music, or just really want that cup of coffee. I love to cook, but baking is a love. I love the smell of the house when I bake.  The face of pure joy when someone takes a bite of your dessert doesn’t say anything but just nods and smiles. There is always so much to learn to be better, being the type of person who is competitive and always needs to be better. I love to learn more little tricks, tips, flavor combinations, so I can share more. Right now as I am learning to use the camera better the cooking and styling are done by me, the photographs are taken by my husband who is teaching me along the way to use it. I have to say this is fun for us to work together. It is something we haven’t done before and we are having fun doing it.

I learned lots of things while what I call “playing” in the kitchen, it doesn’t feel like work, and I have too much fun for it to be anything but play.  I still have a lot learn. That’s what I love, you never stop learning. I live thousands of miles away from my closet family member. I don’t have many female friends who have the same likes as me. So, who do I share all of the things I am learning with? Strangers.. the internet was my salvation to a frustrated need for expression. I am no stranger to only interacting with people via blogs or message boards. I come from a long, long personal history of online gaming. Where you converse with people in message boards, blogs, in chat rooms. I had a blast, so why not combine them and this is what I got!

The blog name?

What started or restarted the fire for baking was deciding to finally after almost 9 years together to get married.  I did not like cake and frosting, so how could I ‘taste’ a cake and pick it out for 100+ people to enjoy.  Funny of all the things a wedding can make you stress over mine was pleasing the guests with the cake chosen.  So, i was determined to find something I liked, and started baking cupcakes.  Eight months ago now, it all started with cupcakes.  My bakeware, cookware, utensils, everything got thrown out and I got all new things from my husband who saw how happy I cooking and baking new things.  He was loving and constantly encouraged me to keep going, buying new baking pans, and even wooden spoons as a surprise.  The turn around in my life to bring back a long forgotten passion, happiness, and a side of me that I didn’t know I had was cupcakes, the catalyst was cupcakes.


I am from the Pacific Northwest, I know direction by; mountains on the east, water on the west and I know which way I am going.  Joking aside, I want to make the recipes from my childhood the traditional or not so traditional mexican dishes we used to serve at big sunday dinners, or a quick weeknight meal.  The thing is I need to make them healthier, fresher, and quicker.   I try to aim for healthy everyday meals so one can splurge on dessert.  It’s about having your cake and eating it too.

Size does matter.  Smaller dishes for two are important to me as well, not everyone needs a recipe that makes 30+ cupcakes or  dinner recipe for 6-8 servings.  Scaling down dishes for two no more than four people is my goal.  I am not a fan of left overs, I prefer quick fresh meals.  My goal here on this blog is to scale down recipes for couples or small families.   To give them less leftovers, fresher ingredients, healthier everyday meals, and still packed full of flavor.

So to you, I pledge to try and provide the best recipes for you and your loved one(s) with out all the waste of too much food which is the main cause of over eating.  Along with you, I am changing my habits as well, breaking away from the big family meals that tend to cause over eating, to small meals for two with no waste, no leftovers, fresh, flavorful and  for the most part healthy.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a fabulous blog you have and it is wonderful to read and find! I too, since starting to blog, have developed a lust for cupcakes and have recently splurged on a load of new baking kit! Great to find your blog, will be back soon.

  2. Pretty impressive post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be coming back and I hope you post again soon.

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