Chicken Soba

With winter finally leaving the Twin Cities it’s only slightly cool now.  Still cold enough to be craving soup, but soba is something that is simple and delicious winter or not.  This was quick, flavorful, and so easy.  We love japanese food and on a busy night when we want something quick, healthy, and tastes great with mild complex flavors, Japanese food is the way to go.  A lot of our quick daily recipes are adapted from Japan Food Addict.  When the majority of the meals Mai posts are fit just for two, and take under 20 minutes with the added attraction of being authentic japanese food, I am sold.   I wanted to share this one because I was just so surprised at not only how simple, but how delicious this turned out.   The ingredients are easily kept on hand regularly another reason why I love these recipes so much.  I highly recommend this one be tried.

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Roasted Red Potato Fries

These potatoes can go as a side with pretty much anything, from sandwiches to roast chicken.   The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and moist.  The flavor is a perfect balance of salty yet herby.  Best of all the recipe is quick and easy to remember.  A way to get a nice crispy yet soft potato is to just follow the technique of boiling the potato first to get it soft, and then a quick bake to crisp the outside.    Let them dry flat on a wire rack to avoid that soft or soggy element that fries tend to get.  I hope you give these a try they are a lot healthier then actually having fries(chips).

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