Oatmeal Chocolate Chip & Mixed Nut Cookies

These cookies came as another one of those, use what is in the cupboard kind of mix. I didn’t have a full measurement of nuts so I combined for types of nuts I had.  They turned out really well, I mean really really well, I was quite excited with the result.  It made a lot more then I typically make, but they freeze well, and I tested a batch to go from freezer to oven and they turned out just as good as the first day.  Everyone has a oatmeal chocolate chip recipe, so being me I like to try different techniques to make it stand out, make it better then average.   I have to pat myself on the back with these.  They are amazing and loaded with chocolate, crunchy, a nice bit of acid to counter act the sweet flavor.  It’s a great balanced cookie.

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Spiced Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

I wanted to give these cookies a try. I have not made these cookies in probably 20 years. They are almost like a brownie. There is so much chocolate flavor and amazingly rich yet just so different at the same time. With things I have learned about textures, and spices I added my own little touch to these cookies. A good quality cocoa powder is key to letting the cinnamon and cayenne do their job to the fullest. They don’t stand out as much as just enhance the flavor of the cocoa. Making the cookie just fantastic. It was like bitting into to chocolate happiness. The outside was firm with a sweet slight crunch when you bite, and the inside was soft and chewy. The flavor was just, wow. Frank bit into one and “oh wow… wow, yeah you have to make these again,” a good sign of success I feel.

Now that I have been rewriting all of my recipes down to a more realistic size, meaning only making a dozen or less cookies or half dozen cupcakes. I am having so much more fun. The biggest advantage is making less, means I can make more types. How can that be bad? Think about all those times when you want to have that fresh homemade cookie, but you do not want to make 2-4 dozen of them. This way you make a small batch, for just a few people or just you. They will last around 2 weeks in an air tight container, but good luck seeing them last that long. I am sure these will not last until morning.

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Sugar Cookies

I wanted to work on my cookie decorating skills, and I wanted to make something different.  I mean blogs right now are flooded with flowers, baby farm animals, and eggs.   Since I have been on this hardcore anime kick lately I wanted to make a decorative hand fan. Originally I wanted to make one like the woman in the anime I was watching when I came up with the thought.  However, ADD kicked in and I wanted to make one that was pretty and elegant like the ending in Bleach with the cherry blossoms.  I am sure at this point I have lost most of you after the word anime, so back on track.   I decided to go with the fans with cherry blossoms on them.  I also have been tossing this idea around on sketch paper for Oriental Lily cookies using my snowflake cookie cutter.  I went and did both.   I did two versions of the fans, one with trim and one with out.  I like both but would love to get some feedback on what you think.   The lilies aren’t exactly what I imagined.  I think the idea is right but I just need to find the right cookie cutter.  Well more excuses to sit around sip coffee and surf the web right?

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