Pumpkin Scones

Oh yes my friends it is that time of year when the spicy warmth of pumpkin is everywhere.   Like a large portion of the population I love Starbucks, what I don’t always love is the prices of baked goods. For the price of two you can buy enough ingredients to make a weeks worth for two people. This is where my search began.

Trolling around the internet like I do, I wanted to find a recipe similar to Starbucks Pumpkin Scones. I found one that had rave reviews and from a tried and trusted blogger  Sweet Pea’s Kitchen.  The recipes we have tried from her before were a great success.  I knew these scones would be too.  It was a complete success with just very slight changes, due to spices I had on hand.

My husband is the scone maker in our home, but I wanted to surprise him with these.  I knew from the little tips he has told me how to make them turn out successful.  It really is just as simple as not touching the mixture with your hands, and making sure you combine the wet/dry ingredients until just barely combined.  If you over work the mixture the scones come out too cake like, and not brittle like a true scone.

It comes together quickly, and this recipe takes including cooking time less then 30 minutes.  The hardest part is waiting for them to cool before you dive in.  My husband was taunted by the smell of them cooking and picked a hot one off the tray when it came out.  Good sign of a successful recipe.

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Nutella Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

So, what is the one of the best thing about working again? Playing cupcake fairy on birthdays! This week a girl at work turned 18 and I asked her what flavor(s) she wanted for her birthday cupcakes. She said chocolate with chocolate, maybe cream cheese, oh and nutella is awesome. As most of you know nutella baked loses a lot of the flavor and really it’s just cocoa and cream, but insanely addictive. Over all these cupcakes turned out really good, and if you like red velvet then you will really like these. The texture is similar and the flavors are too. I am quite proud of these and very pleased with the results. However, given that it’s 90 out and very sticky humid I did enjoy making these, but I am about to try out some steamed pudding recipes, turning the oven on in this heat is just becoming torturous. I am already looking forward to the snow.

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