French Fraisier, Daring Bakers July Challenge

First off, I am sorry that my posts have been so far and in-between. I have not neglected you my dedicated and very loved peeps! The heat index here has been near and over 120°F so the last thing I have been wanting to do is cook or bake. Also, this month just flew by and before I knew it my phone was beeping at me telling me that the Daring Bakers challenge was due in a few days and I lucked out with this weekend off of work, so I set to it.

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Baklava, A Daring Bakers Challenge

Just saying it makes you crave that nutty sweet happiness that is a square of baklava.   I joined the Daring Kitchen (Bakers) just under a month ago so this is my first challenge, and with the week I am having a challenge it is!  I started a new job, which has a new store opening at the Mall of America, meaning we are spending the first 3 days just unboxing everything and merchandising the store.  Also, my very best non-friend’s boyfriend is having a birthday party and I offered to make the cake, his favorite, german chocolate.  I also found out a week ago that he loves baklava, so guess who’s birthday party this is going to!

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