Rocky Road Ice Cream

It is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, but it’s not like anyone needs a day to enjoy chocolate ice cream.   Well just to celebrate I wanted to post this recipe for amazing Rocky Road Ice Cream.   Rocky Road Ice Cream is the one thing me and my mom share in common.  Since I had the quick chocolate ice cream recipe I wanted to adapt it to make Rocky Road. It was probably the best I have had in weeks. For about 15 minutes of effort, and 8 hours of waiting which is the hard part, you get creamy rich ice cream with out a machine.

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Mocha Ice Cream

I asked my aunt for some recipes and this was among the ones sent.  She said she found it when she had to make ice cream for someone with an egg allergy.   I have been looking for some ice cream and sorbet recipes that do not require an ice cream maker.  Given my kitchen counter space it is something we have to live without, and after trying this recipe it is now something I really don’t feel is needed.  Forget that over priced mixer, my 9″x13″ pan with lid is all I need.

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