Roasted Red Potato Fries

These potatoes can go as a side with pretty much anything, from sandwiches to roast chicken.   The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and moist.  The flavor is a perfect balance of salty yet herby.  Best of all the recipe is quick and easy to remember.  A way to get a nice crispy yet soft potato is to just follow the technique of boiling the potato first to get it soft, and then a quick bake to crisp the outside.    Let them dry flat on a wire rack to avoid that soft or soggy element that fries tend to get.  I hope you give these a try they are a lot healthier then actually having fries(chips).

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Mustard and Herb Stuffed Pork Roast with Potatoes and Onions

The inspiration for this dish came from Julia Childs: MtAoFC some of the techniques and the ingredients are the same, but I combined a few things I liked and did not like from other recipes into this one, which produced the most juicy, tender, and flavorful pork roast we have ever had.   Starting out with a lemon juice and herb marinade for an hour, then stuffed with a herb and parmesan bread crumb.  Finally, added in some potatoes and onions while it roasted and it was amazing.  The only thing I did not do was make a gravy out of the drippings.  I was torn between doing it or not because I didn’t feel it really needed it.  However, I did think the potatoes could have used a little something, so the recipe was altered to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces to absorb more flavor while roasting.   This ended being a fairly healthy meal, considering some roast pork recipes that I researched required fat/lard or almost two sticks of butter, this ended up a healthy alternative without sacrificing flavor.  With a side of baby broccoli tossed lightly in a lemon butter it rounded out perfectly with the slight lemon flavor in the roast.

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