Your pan might not be hot enough?

For this past holiday as a gift to further indulge my new cooking fire Frank bought me an amazing stainless steel cooking set. It’s so fantastic, and I was more than ecstatic to throw out my old pans almost instantly!

He was having a problem with food sticking, something which I never really had. He did some pretty extensive research while I was at work one weekend and found out how to test to make sure your stainless steel pans were hot enough to add the oil and then food. Always start out on a med to med-high heat. When you add a drop of water to the dry pan does it just bounce and sizzle away? If so then your pan is not hot enough to add the oil yet. It all boils down to science, which I love, love! The right temperature of heat expands the steel closing any small fissures what are what cause the food to stick.  When you add a drop of water to the try pan and it forms a blob that just sits there and doesn’t sizzle away, it will look like mercury, then you’re pan is hot enough to now add the oil.

After your oil becomes streaky like when you twirl wine in a glass the streaks that come down the sides is what you’re looking for in your oil. If you wait for these two steps then you’ll never have issues with food sticking to your pan.  I have followed this since and nothing sticks, if it does it’s those awesome caramelized bits of goodness that just a bit of moisture by putting the lid on the pan will loosen up and add to your food making the yummy factor even higher.

Here is a good video explaining what I’m attempting to talk about!