French Fraisier, Daring Bakers July Challenge

First off, I am sorry that my posts have been so far and in-between. I have not neglected you my dedicated and very loved peeps! The heat index here has been near and over 120°F so the last thing I have been wanting to do is cook or bake. Also, this month just flew by and before I knew it my phone was beeping at me telling me that the Daring Bakers challenge was due in a few days and I lucked out with this weekend off of work, so I set to it.

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Japanese Christmas Cake, a little Early

Japanese Christmas Cake, Anime Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Cream Cake, whatever you call it, it is amazing.  Simple and delicious, sweet and tart, I can go on and on about this recipe.  I like many others searched for this cake because I always see it enjoyed in anime’s yet never knew the name.  All I knew was, while watching anime’s the characters enjoy this lovely layered cake with strawberries and cream.  It looks like perfection, so elegant looking yet simple and delicious.  I found the name of the cake, largely in part to anime fansites, so I went on a hunt.  I wanted to keep it on the Japanese side, so I went with the japanese style of this cake from the sponge, to the trick to thickening the whipping cream, by using agar agar.

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