Until recently I had no idea what a snickerdoodle was.  Thanks to the power of Google I found a recipe that had a high rating, and over 1,000 reviews of it on a site that had ‘all’ kinds of ‘recipes’.  I figured why not give it a try, and honestly I have never been more disappointed by a cookie in my life.  It was just so basic, it had no depth and the flavors were bland bland bland. To me it had no reason to have that many positive reviews.  I was determined to make it better.

I started thinking back to when my family would take road trips in the summer. During our trip we would always stop at this restaurant in Yakima, WA that had the best barbacoa tacos and these cookies!  Oh man these cookies were amazing!  We would get like a dozen of these heart-shaped cookies with a fine cinnamon and sugar-coating.  It was the texture that really made them stand out to me.   It is so rich and crumbly, yet very delicate.  It wasn’t really overly sweet and had a nutty flavor that still stands out to me.

It took a bit of research and trial and error.  Ok, mostly it was me swearing while I threw batches in the trash, but I finally had the perfect cookie!  When the winning batch came out of the oven I was so excited to share them with everyone, but mostly my husband who never had one.   He had only had snickerdoodles which I vow to never make those horrible little disks of fake flavor again.

It only took one bite of this cookie to take me right back to the long car trips to Colorado.  Me and my brother fighting over  who’s on who’s side while my mom drove and grandma sat in the passenger seat doing cross-word puzzles.  It made me happy and sad all at the same time, and made me realize that I miss my family.   I am going to keep these cookies as a tradition when I get a family to make and take on road trips, and when I finally get back out to Seattle, I am going to make these for my mom and brother.

Since I have gotten so used to doing all my recipes in metric now, I love it.   It makes them so much more consistent each time you make them, but also very easy to remember.  This cookie recipe I made to be very simple and easily halved or doubled easily.  I added both imperial and metric in the recipe.  That way you can decide which way to go, since it is just very minor differences that really are off by just grams.  I also of course used a heart shape cookie cutter because that is the shape they were when we would by them so that is more for nostalgia then anything.  You can use any cookie cutter you want, but the cookie should still be fairly thick.

I wish I could express to you how happy these cookies make me.  Because of the memories it brings with each flavorful bite, but how just great the recipe turned out.  If you like snickerdoodles, or just the flavor combination of cinnamon and sugar, make these.  Make them, make them right away.  They are better than any snickerdoodle you have ever had in your life, and you will never go back to your old recipe. Enjoy!

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Sugar Cookies

I wanted to work on my cookie decorating skills, and I wanted to make something different.  I mean blogs right now are flooded with flowers, baby farm animals, and eggs.   Since I have been on this hardcore anime kick lately I wanted to make a decorative hand fan. Originally I wanted to make one like the woman in the anime I was watching when I came up with the thought.  However, ADD kicked in and I wanted to make one that was pretty and elegant like the ending in Bleach with the cherry blossoms.  I am sure at this point I have lost most of you after the word anime, so back on track.   I decided to go with the fans with cherry blossoms on them.  I also have been tossing this idea around on sketch paper for Oriental Lily cookies using my snowflake cookie cutter.  I went and did both.   I did two versions of the fans, one with trim and one with out.  I like both but would love to get some feedback on what you think.   The lilies aren’t exactly what I imagined.  I think the idea is right but I just need to find the right cookie cutter.  Well more excuses to sit around sip coffee and surf the web right?

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Vanilla Bean Birdie Cupcakes

I spent the last week thinking of something cute and fun to take to my sister in-laws for Easter.  I had tons of ideas on my mind.  From sugar cookies, to cupcakes with little fondant bunnies, to just a pretty cupcake with some cut out flowers of marbled white and pink fondant.  Every time I had one that I was quite sure was “the one” I had another idea.  Finally I gave in and went with my first instinct. Which in my home has become our motto, follow your gut, go with your first instinct.

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